Our Offer of Beers

Svijany Máz is a special pale beer, which contains pure water, malt from Plzeň, sugar, hops and hop extracts. Beer from Svijany is brewed using the traditional technological procedure for brewing Czech beer. It is hopped four times and is not pasteurised. It has an alcohol content of 4.8 %


This bottom fermented pale lager has been brewed in Plzeň for over 160 years. It is distinguished by is unforgettable flavour and quality thanks to its high-quality ingredients and water and its own culture of brewing yeast, the know-how of Plzeň brew-masters passed on from generation to generation and its specific brewing procedure.

The recipe for Pilsner Urquell beer originated by chance. It was originally to have been a Bavarian type beer (dark beer with a dense foam). Pils (according to Pilsner Urquell) is the name of a type of beer that is usually a pale beer with a full flavour and distinctive bitterness. This type of beer is brewed in Kaluga in Russia and in Tycha in Poland as well as in Pizeň. Alcohol content  4.4 %.


Unpasteurised pale draught beer with an intensive bitterness, bold bite, with a hoppy fragrance and an abundant head. Alcohol content 3.8% .
BERNARD  half-dark   12°
An unpasteurised special type of semi-dark lager, brewed according to the recipe of the family brewery. A suitable combination of light and caramel malt is added to this beer. The bitterness harmonises with the subtle caramel fragrance and full flavour. Alcohol content 4.7 %.

POSTŘIŽINSKÉ Jedenáctka  11°
Medium to deep fermented beer with full flavor, high aftertaste and pure hop aroma. Distinctive delicious bitterness encourages further drinking.
Alcohol content 4.7 %.

Non-alcoholic beer with a flavour so close to alcoholic beer that you are practically unable to tell them apart. Thanks to the traditional brewing procedure this beer retains its original pleasantly bitter flavour and also a distinct malty fragrance and abundant foam.
Ingredients: potable water, barley malt from the Bernard malthouse, treated Žatec hops, hop extracts

Alcohol content max. 0.5 % b.v.